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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sweet Tea 28!

Oh yeah, baby, this Trojan T-28 is one sweet machine! My Nitroplanes 800mm T-28 Trojan is one of my new favorites! And she proved I ain't got me no shanks! She is responsive, quick and agile. She glides well and is easily controllable, but she needs a soft touch and focus. In a brisk upper wind she was buffeted a touch but she held her turns. She likes her rudder. Very nice! I see they are back in stock but when I got mine she was $65, now she's $74. 

Her prop is 1/4" above the ground... it is deep in the shortest grass. I used a bunch of foam mats to make a runway that is 4 ft x 16 ft. I found it a bit narrow as the she pulled right (the Trojan's front gear pulls right when the rudder is centered, need to fix that). I think with a centered nose gear the width is doable for takeoff. It would be a bit challenging to land on as she comes in quick so there is little room for error. For takeoff the runway was short and unless there was a nice headwind she ran off and buffeted through the grass unable to takeoff. I got her off the runway when I caught a headwind, but each flight took 3-4 tries. Tomorrow I will pick up a couple more packs of mats to make it longer, and consider making it 6 feet wide, which I think would be perfect. I think she could takeoff in 24 feet, so I'll pick up two more packs at Harbor Freight ($10 for 4 squares). And we'll see if I can control her well enough to land her there as well. Landing her on the grass is rough on her. I may also put the tires I removed from the Alpha, which are bigger than the stock wheels, but they may add too much weight.

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