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Monday, March 31, 2014

No Fly Zone

Well, it was a beautiful day, but super gusty with modrate sustained winds, so grounded. Kenny and I did meet up at MCRCC and spent a couple of hours chatting, and enjoying a cigar. It looks like stong winds are the story for the next few days... judgement rules, survive to fly another day.


Cat chewed my prop... dammit.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pulse Preps

In hopes of breaking my flying hiatus tomorrow I cleaned up and setup my Hangar 9 Pulse 25XT. The cote had pulled a bit from previous tune ups, so I replaced some of it. I bought some Monokote at my LHS yesterday, but the yellow turned out to be transparent... happens to me a lot. So I used some Cubby Yellow I had brought with me. Redid the horizontal stab, and the underside of the left wing. Not too smooth a job... I ain't much for cote work, but she'll do!
Also recharging 4S batteries, and will later setup the flybarred 450 heli!
Okay, other than the color mismatch, it actually looks pretty good. The curve came out nice. I replaced the cote on the entire outboard edge as you can see, including the elevator.
Cote removed from the underside of the left wing.
White cote replaced, and first black stripe set in place.
All done. The outsermost stripe is a bit rough, I tuned it up better after the pic and it looks much smoother and tight. Finished up a couple minor cote touch ups on the fuse and now she is flight ready!
Tomorrow Kenny Chandler and I are planning to meet up at MCRCC Field in Gulfport and break my dry spell!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Biloxi Blues

It is sooooo very good to be back in Biloxi! I moved out of my townhouse last week since my lease was in renew or move mode, and I wanted to continue my job search from home in Biloxi. I went through taking the wings off all my aircraft and had them packed, so they are in storage in New Jersey until my final move, along with the tables and lights, and parts that make up the rest of the flight lab. I did, however, bring home the Pulse 25XT, a 450 Flybarred and my new, yet to be setup and flown Trex 600e Pro, and my toolboxes, and both my transmitters, as well as my charge box and the batteries.
Since I can't setup my lab the normal way, and no one eats in the breakfast room, I have taken it over and created a working lab there!
Put the Pulse back together. It needs some cote work. Stopped by the Orange Grove Hobby Shop this afternoon and picked up some yellow, black and white Monokote. Tomorrow I will be making repairs.
Love this room! The Trex on the floor.
Brought a small table in from the garage, and storing my toolboxes on top. The Trex 450 clone is in the silver case, and my trnasmitters are in the black case. The cote sealer, heat gun and soldering iron are in a plastic in now, also under the table.
I ran into Jason, the prorietor at the Hobby Shop and he remembered me immediately by name, though he hasn't seen me in a couple of years! Contacted my flying buddy, Kenny Chandler, and weather willing, we are flying Monday and Tuesday. It will be the first time I have flown in a year, and in the year before that I got in only a handful of flights. I want to get my flying thumbs back on the Pulse before flying the 450 heli. If all goes will in a week or so I will have the Trex 600 setup and programmed, and will fly it too!
I spent the afternoon discharging my batteries. I had forgotten I had stored them charged and never discharged them, so they need refreshing. Some old ones were puffed, one was just non-functional, and they were discarded at Home Depot, but most seem okay. Wonder about how well they will cycle.
Tomorrow, the cote repairs! Monday we are flying!