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Monday, November 29, 2010

History is made!

All of my helis are flight ready! The holiday screwed up shipping, along with our mail person dropping everyone's mail off at the wrong houses (funny watching us all trade mail...).

I got the UFLYS put back together. The tail assembly was tight, and stressed out the tail servo. I loosened some of the pivot points and the links to the tail blades (damn, cracked one, but the heli doesn't seem to notice and it's still secure). We'll have to see how she flies now. I may have to try turning off the 3x gyro system, since someone mentioned that buggered up the control and turning it into an HH gyro made all the difference. I also used the stabilizer fixing set from the CB180Z instead of the fragile UFLYS one (have broken two trying to repair the boom assembly). It's much sturdier. I had to place a fixing bolt to keep it in place. I also used a bolt in the tail to the frame and the tail assembly to secure them in place. The heads of both of those screws broke off... Hopefully I won't need to remove them again. In setting the power takeoff pinion against the main gear I was careful not to push them together hard and pulled it back a scoshe to allow some flex. I think that's how I damaged the torque shaft before.

The skids are back on the errant CB180 D and she should be fun to fly! Not sure why she keeps going rogue in the distance, but I think its an antenna line-of-site issue.

Today I purchased a new tool box from PDY called Lift-n-Lok. I have a lot on my work table, and when I go off to fly I have to shuffle tools between the table and a tackle box. I also don't take my spare parts. This box makes it so I can leave everything in the box and just take it with me when I go to fly. Looking forward to getting it.

The 450 kit arrives around the 3rd!

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