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Friday, November 19, 2010

My CB100s Seizure disorder

Video of the Seizure disorder suffered by my CB100 #2...

One of my CB100s developed a seizure disorder, where it would literally seize, fall from the sky, sometimes coming back to life in fits and starts. The issue is not the mesh, or the motor. I suspect the receiver, as the tail rotor appears to be affected at the same time, suggesting the main motor ESC and the tail ESC are not the culprits. The receiver is a stock Walkera RX2406C.

UPDATE: Well... I wanted to see if it was the receiver, so I swapped the bad heli's receiver, and the motor ran the same, so it's not the receiver. When I put things back the way they were supposed to be I noticed that one of the 3 pins in the plug from the main ESC to the motor was back further than the other two, so I pulled it forward. I squished everything, and would you believe the problem is gone? Sort of. After some hard landings it returns. I squish everything, the ESC, the receiver, the plugs, and the problem is gone. Its a loose connection somewhere. Flying this heli is smooth like butter... tuned and trimmed, locked in. Very nice!  I have a soft spot for the twins.

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