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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good day!

Calm this evening, so I took the CB100 #1 out front and flew it. Hovered great! Flew good, just still no pitch authority, so sometimes it was hard to move it forward or backwards. I broke a blade when it struck the street trying to keep it from going backwards. I realized this one has an unbroken servo bell crank on the pitch servo, so I just moved it from inner most to the middle (may need outermost). Looking forward to flying it again with more pitch authority. The boys came out with their Syma and Micro-micro mini coaxials and loved it, until they realized that their IR transmitters were controlling both helicopters and they flailed about. That was actually funny! Good day!

Waiting for CB100 parts, including Harden blades, battery try replacement, better skids, and a better tail assembly and tail motor. I need to order a more powerful main motor too, if I want to fly these outdoors. I'll hot rod one of them, and if it works out, I'll do the other one. Nice to have one bird doing what it is supposed to!

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