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Monday, November 8, 2010

It's the lucky guys that make me want to spit...

It's YouTube vids like this one, over and over again, showing the insane stability of these helis, that makes me so frustrated. Search YouTube for UFLYS, and there are dozens of them. I purposefully bought simple, extra stable helis so I could learn to fly, enjoy it, then crash them trying to do more. So far I really haven't done anything except try to get them to fly, and fix them when they don't. Many of these vids talk about how stable these are right out of the box... Mine can't even hover with the training gear still on the ground and my hand off the cyclic without skewing off quicker than a skittish bunny.

Watch this... He can do this because he doesn't need any cyclic to stabilize it, as it does so on it's own LIKE ITS SUPPOSED TO, otherwise he'd have to have both hands on the controls.

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