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Saturday, November 13, 2010

An Awesome Heli Day!!!

Parts arrived! I reconstructed the rotor head on the CB180D, took it out for a test spin, did some minor tweaks in trim, and damned if the little bugger didn't fly like it should have right out of the box! Still needs a bit of rudder trim, but I was so happy! It hovered, hands free even (with some drift). It was controllable in all directions, and I "walked the dog" in a low slow flight around my house with excellent stability, even in a breeze! I am back in the game, baby!

My CB100 #1 also continues to be operational. It is scheduled to receive the new 2.9g hot rod tail motor I have coming from WOWHobbies with the new tail stabilizer set ( I installed the Xtreme Harden blades and the Xtreme Skids upgrade as well. I suspect I will be updating the motor soon.

CB100#2 remains grounded because I couldn't save the tail motor... I tried soldering the wires, but the frail ones on the motor were just too short and broke easily. I ordered a regular 2g motor to replace it. I took the broken carbon fiber tailshaft from the UFLYS and cut it to make a replacement tail boom. I had to sand down the ends to fit it in the heli and in the replacement tail motor holder. I applied ca to both ends to keep it from splitting. Looks really good. When the new motor comes in later this week I will solder the wires and run them externally (its a solid carbon fiber boom). I alredy have the replacement mount, and its stabilizer is seriously better than the stock one; thicker and sturdier by far. These break so easily with a hard landing. I noticed that the wires on the replacement motor are all black, all 3 of them... I asked for some advice on HeliFreak; hope someone knows how to handle that. In the meantime I replaced the broken battery basket, installed the Xtreme Skids and replaced the cannibalized flybar links. Later I will put the Xtreme Harden blades on that one too.

I am still waiting for HeliDirect to get the UFLYS head guide set in stock; recall they are sending that to me free (see early posts). I did receive the replacement tail strut support. I found, however, that the tail shaft and the tail power-takeoff pinion still don't mesh properly and the tail rotor wasn't developing adequate headspeed. I removed the shaft and realized there was way too much flex at the junction of the pinion and the tail shaft. I removed it and found that the tail shaft connection to the pinion was delaminated; it was like a brush! So, I ordered a replacement tail shaft, and another pinion... I got another tail boom while I was at it as I am not sure this one is true. I really hate this part of this heli and will  not by another shaft driven heli with a similar power takeoff arrangement.

All in all, after todays flights and successful reconstructions, I think my serious heli issues are under control. My 3 weeks off from work is coming to an end, and I will return to work on Monday, seriously slowing down my adventure.

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