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Saturday, November 6, 2010

CB100 #2 is Flight Ready!

This morning, after taking my 15 yo out for his first drive ever (there's a stress reducer for you), I fired up CB100 #2, recalling that it rolled left and yawed left and pitched forward. Confirming this, I removed the swashplate linkages and lengthened them to level the swashplate by moving it aft and right. 3 turns each on the upper ball links. Fired it up, and there it hung, like a fruit to be picked from the sky! Hovered well with some active stick. There was a bit of rudder twitch I took for gyro sensitivity, took that down a half turn, and it resolved as well. Was comfortable hovering tail in in the confined space of our man cave where my work desk is, but don't have the skills to hover nose in in such a confined space.  Did manage to break yet another blade. Very happy overall!

CB100 #1 is down for now. I cannibalized a flybar linkage that broke on #2, and am waiting for the replacement grips and their micro screws before I spin her up again. I suspect once I get her flying again I will eventually put the tiny brite lights back on. I should have waited before... impatience.

Cannot stress how useful (and fun) the Clearview flight sim time has been. Plan to practice more nose in hover. Flying around has become much more enjoyable, but hovering is definitely the trick, especially in mis-oriented flight positions, like nose in.

Too windy these past few days to take the bigger helis out. Can hardly wait!  Buy stock in Helidirect, Lord knows they are making big bucks off me with daily orders for parts! Next time I am back up in Boston I will have to drop by Malden and say hello.

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