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Friday, November 5, 2010

CB100's are here! Damn skittish...

Hey, my CB100's arrived (as did Luke's Micro coaxial, and Aidan's Syma S107). These little guys rock, but boy are they skittish! I broke a rotor blade on the first one, and in replacing the blade the world's tiniest screw popped from my forceps, binked off the tool box over my shoulder and is never to be seen again... Took a while, but I found a similar screw on my S107, cannibalized it from a non-flying part and got it flying again with a replacement blade. 15 minutes later, while flying the other one, I broke the same rotor blade on it... I have replacement blades for the Syma that might work, otherwise its grounded until I can get replacements. Unfortunately there is no Airy Harden II blade for this heli, to my knowledge.  If you look closely you can see the borken blade on the left one, the forward blade.

My new hobby isn't flying heli's, its fixing them...  I will say that sim time made tail in hovering a lot easier, but I am nervous about much more than that as these things are fast.

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