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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pouty face...

Got all excited when the guide set arrived from HeliDirect (Thanks, Larry!). I had removed the rotor head and was able to replace the guide, set the rotor, and get the Jesus pin in place. Leveled the swash, balanced the blades. All was good.

On spin up it was clear something was still wrong. She couldn't find her balance. before I could trouble shoot that her tail rotor stopped spinning. Again. Inspection revealed another delaminated tail rotor power takeoff pinion shaft. Crap. Right now I hate my UFLYS. I've had it for a month and I've not been able to fly it. The tail boom needed to be changed anyway (some dings, had to replaced a snapped tail mount because a screw post popped and was being held in place with zip tie). So I am going to try one more time. Ordering another shaft, another pinion, and another stabilizer holder, then rebuilding it. I already have a new boom. I had to take the entire tail assembly apart to get it off the heli. Hope I can remember where everything goes. Pisser... I hate my UFLYS. I was soooo looking forward to flying it.

So I took the CB180D out for a spin. Hovered okay, still no authority. Dead calm. It got about 30 yards away from me and rolled hard and dove. This was reminiscent of the crash that sheared the rotor head off. Is this actually a gyro issue? There was no response to the cyclic when it happened. Jeez. broke off a tail blade set and a skid. Grounded because I don't have a skid set, but I replaced the tail blades. Can't wait for those longer servo arms to come in.

I also took the Cb100 #1 outside. While its still an indoor cat, it had fun. It didn't take much for it to get pushed around. The thing can't develop a roll for a banked turn unless its got some speed on. Had to turn the gyro down a little, a bit of head seeking. It was a good girl and came home in one piece. I think it needs to have the swash leveled some more, but otherwise it was a satisfying flight. flew 2 packs with her before moving on to the CB180D in the waning light.

I hate my UFLYS.  Did I say that already?

Looking at building a heli. I am probably going to get an EXI 450 SE carbon fiber kit from xheli . ). I will pair it with a new Spektrum D6xi which comes with 4 microservos and a receiver (with remote receiver attached). I will need these servos for the EXI build. )  I will need to buy a 30 amp ESC ( ), and a Exceed Alpha 3500 kv motor ( ). I think I'll skip the BEC.  I can bring this all in for less than $350. Great bargain!

I am also still very much considering instead the Blueray ARF receiver ready kit ( ), and pairing it with the Spektrum D6xi that comes only with a receiver ( ) but that takes me up another $100 to $450.  Its essentially the same heli.

Building and setting up the EXI 450 would be easy, and that may be worth the $100. And it would have Spektrum receiver and servos. Oh, yeah...

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