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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beautiful day to fly!

Went out on this beautiful, calm day.

The CB100 loved being able to run, but just isn't an outdoor cat.

The CB180D is pokey too.  It seems to have good headspeed, but it just has no go. Even in light winds today it got pushed around. The stubby servo arms are not adjustable and I maxed out the extent on the receiver. It just isn't fun to fly as it just gets swept away. I found some longer servo arms at WowHobbies and ordered them. I don't want to do an all brushless upgrade as it makes it a direct tail drive, and costs as much as the heli did. Hopefully the longer servo arms will do the trick. I think the spline on these servo arms might fit the CB100's (wouldn't that be great)! Well, that pokieness lead to a loss of control and a broken blade. I tried just replacing one, but the vibrations were too great. Replaced both and it balanced out nicely.

Realized that I am waiting for the new guide set for the UFLYS, which DirectHeli has just mailed me (sending me the parts for free!), before I can fly it again. No flying for you!

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