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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 of 4 up!

Took the CB180D out for 2 packs, but the gusts just carried her back despite full forward pitch, so I brought her in. I am very pleased with how I controlled her, in all orientations. The flight sim has, and I say this a thousand times, made all the difference. I actually have started doing inverted flying on the sim, gearing up for the CCPM I hope to get after Christmas! Ha! Even if I do it will be a loooonnnnggg time before I do anything other than scale flying.

Got both CB100's flying today! All trimmed out and upgraded. All I need is upgraded main motors. #2 has a stock 2 gm motor, but a new fin, thicker carbon fiber. This is the one with a solid carbon fiber boom I made from the old UFLYS tail shaft. That's why the wire is wound outside. I still have a problem with #2 occasionally just stopping mid flight and falling from the sky... Bad receiver? #1 has an upgraded 2.9gm tail motor with a new fin, a new tail boom (stock).

The CB100s fly well, but remain underpowered. The trim on these bad boys goes wacky with every hard landing... I think my next upgrade is hot rod main motors. I still haven't opened them up and let the fly hard, just no room inside. Soon the weather will be calm enough to take them outside and let them run.

The Twins, my CB100's

New 2.9 gm motor and fin from WowHobbies. Nice soldering and install if I do say so myself!

New 2.9gm from the hot side

New stock 2 gm with new upgraded fin. External wires around the solid carbon fiber boom.

New stock 2 gm motor and new upgraded fin. Another nice install!  I am getting the hang of this.

The naked UFLYS. Replaced the tail shaft inside the boom, and the stock tail shaft power take-off pinion. Took a couple of tries, but I think I may have solved the tail shaft pinion issue. I ended up using CA to secure the pinion on the shaft as it meshed well but spun on the shaft. Will find out tomorrow, don't feel like dealing with it anymore tonight so I didn't spin it up after the CA.  If she engages consistently (I am not sure yet, had to take it apart twice during this repair after it seemed to work, but then didn't) I hope to fly her soon.

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