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Sunday, November 7, 2010

CB100 is pokey outdoors, zippy indoors

I bought the CB100's because I thought they would be as zippy as the Blade mSR but wanted the Walkeras. The vids for the mSR show them very, very zippy. The CB100 is fine indoors, but outdoors it blew around a lot with the breezes. I couldn't get it into a banked turn. Tonight it was in full forward pitch floating backward over my backyard fence into my neighbor's yard, the little heli that couldn't. I think these will be my last small helis as they need more space than indoors of a house allows, but can't handle the outdoors well. I say this, but I recognize there are vids of Cb100s doing well in breezes, so it could just be my #2. More to follow!

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