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Friday, November 5, 2010

Difficult evening...

It took me some time to fly the first CB100 because despite a flight test at the seller, this thing was way out of trim. It took me most of the night trying to set the trim on the Tx, then finally leveling the swashplate. Unfortunately this was the heli I put the tiny bright lights on. They looked magnificent and worked exactly as advertised. Wow. But with all these control issues I decided to remove them for now, as I couldn't tell if they were messing up the receiver whose battery line I had tapped into (I balanced it, it wasn't a CG issue). Turns out it wasn't. Hours after I removed them, I finally got the helo trimmed and it flew great with one exception. At launch it will get this hairy high frequency oscillation going, After a few moments it will balance out. Occasionally it will return to oscillating. I took the gyro gain to both ends of the spectrum without change. I wonder if I did damage the gyro in the receiver. I suspect its a blade harmonics issue with poor tracking due to the replaced grip bolt. I'm going to ground it until I can replace the screw with a proper one. Waiting to fly the other one, but it too was way out of trim and I don't have the energy to tackle it tonight. Time to take a break!

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