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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Changes to the EXI 450CF Pro Project

After some advice, more research, and the realization that my next project will likely be an EXI 250, I have made a couple of changes to the EXI 450 Project.  I will be using a Spektrum AR6200 Receiver/satellite for this build, and use the AR6100 that came with the Dx6i for the EXI 250 project.  I also am changing to an Exceed Volcano 40A ESC/with 5V/3A BEC, and use the already purchased 30A ESC on the 250 project.

So here's the final parts:

Horizon Hobby
- Spektrum Dx6i Transmitter
- DSP75 Spektrum digital cyclic Servos
- Hitec HSG5084 Digital Tail Servo

Hobby Zone
- Spektrum AR6200 Receiver with satellite
- EXI 450Pro Carbon Fiber Belt Driven RC Heli
- Exceed RC Alpha 400 3500kv Outrunner Brushless Motor
- MKS GY-292 Professional Head-lock Gyro

Raiden Tech
- Exceed RC Brushless 40A ESC with 5V/3A BEC
- Exceed RC Volcano Series Brushless ESC Programming Card

Hobby King
- Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo (x3)

I am already planning the EXI 250 Project. It will have the Exceed 30A ESC/BEC I already purchased, with the Spektrum AR6100 receiver. The cylic servos will be Spektrum DSP75 (only need to buy 2 as there will be one extra from the Dx6i package I bought for the EXI 450 project). The tail servo will be a JR JRPS290G Ultra Speed Sub-Micro servo, and the motor will be a Scorpion HK-2206-3900kv (way too much kv, but it's for a Trex 250. In this setup that gives a headspeed of 5712 at full throttle! Need to find a lower kv motor, but the stock Align 250 motor is a 3400 kv motor...). I will be able to use the Spektrum Dx6i radio and the 3S batteries I have for the EXI 450.  This one is coming in a little over $200, much cheaper than the Trex 250 kits.

I found however, in planning for the 600 and 700 builds, that the Trex Super Combos come in just a little bit more or pretty close to the clone kits, so for my 600 and 700 builds, both will be real Align Trex Super Combo kits.

Parts for the EXI 450 Build are being delayed in China due to recent shipping limitations put out by the Dept of Homeland Security. It was easier, and cheaper, to restrict our liberties than it was to screen shipments better... but I digress.

So, my next year or two is all planned out! How about yours?

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