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Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Flight

Sort of... The advice is to charge the Lipo fully but to only fly about 3 min, about 5 times, before flying it to full discharge. Well, that 3 minutes was about all it took for me to end up in the bushes and create some minor damage. It was a bit gusty. I had the training gear on. I took it out back just to spin up and run the motors and discharge the battery. It got light on it's feet and skittered off into the vines, while I continued to apply collective, effectively shaving down some of the teeth on the main rotor pinion, so I have a distinct clicking sound as the rotor goes around. Later went in and ordered a couple new ones, but this will work for now. I knew better; when things go to ground let off the collective as fast as you can to prevent such damage. The canopy was difficult to get off the back pegs and the darn thing cracked second time I tried to remove it, about an inch forward of the connection point. I've CA'd it and supported it with a piece of Scotch tape, looks fine and is strong. Not bad for a first days work, eh?

Had downloaded and have been practicing on the FMS free flight simulator; the one that came on the CD with the Esky Tx was an older version, but its available free on line ( I could not get it to run beyond 4 gps on my son's supercomputer, but it works fine on the XP and my notebook. I found Clearview's sim for $40( It is amazing, using real 360 pics as the backgound, and it works well on my son's computer. It is proving very useful. I'm using the Esky simulator Tx, which suits it's purpose fine. My CB180D did not come with the expected flt sim cable, and I've asked xheli to send me one. It would be nice to get used to my controller.

Anxious, but really want to get flying!

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