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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My EXI 450 Pro Carbon Fiber Kit Build

EXI 450 Receiver Ready Build  (As posted on

Here's a community project I hope you all will participate in!

I am planning to build an EXI 450 carbon fiber kit ( ) with Spektrum D6xi transmitter, with Spektrum's package receiver and servos, an MKS GY 292 gyro, Exceed Volcano 30A ESC, and the Exceed Alpha 3500kv 450 size brushless motor. This would be my first build. Pretty sweet getting a 450 size with Spektrum receiver and sevos and the D6xi for under $350.

I really would like to hear your advice, comments, and guidance. I'm reading, watching videos (been through most of Finless' basic vids) as I go along. I am in planning stages now.

I have never built a kit before and have been flying helis only for a couple months but am doing pretty well (when I can get my low end heli's in flight status). I don't have ready access to a local mentor, so have been teaching myself online.

I will be doing this through my blog at: so as not to clog up Helifreak with this. If you are interested, please visit my blog and "follow" it.

Look forward to hearing from you!
Ken Schroeter
Walkera CB100 CB180D UFLYS

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  1. Hello Ken,

    Sounds like a fun project! Like you, I'm also planning to build my first CCPM heli. My progression thus far has been Syma S107 > ESKY Hunter Co-Ax > Hirobo Quark FP. I also have Phoenix Flight Simulator on order. Currently contemplating which kit and size (450 or 500) to buy. I'll be watching your blog and hopefully participating as well!