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Thursday, December 2, 2010

CopterX CX 250SE Project

I've planned, and now made initial purchases for the Trex 250 Clone project. I chose the CopterX as it has better reviews, and looks better, than the EXI 250 kit I was looking at. And it came in much cheaper. I think there may be some changes.The motor is a bit robust, but I like the Scorpion... I will need to consider getting a smaller motor, and think I may even use the Exceed Alpha 400 (3500kv) again, the same i am using in the 450 build.  I am using the 30A ESC only because I have it. For sport flying, the servos are more than adequate. I will only be building one kit at a time.

- CopterX CX 250 SE

- Exceed RC Volcano Series 30A Brushless ESC/BEC

Hobby Horizon
- Spektrum AR6100 Receiver (came with my Dx6i)
- Spektrum DSP75 servo (x2, with a third having come with the Dx6i)
- JR DS290G Ultra Speed Servo (tail)

- Scorpion HK-2206-3900kv motor

- ESKY EK2-0704B Professional RC Helicopter Head Lock Gyro

I've ordered the CopterX since it will take about a couple of weeks to get here. I have the ESC/BEC, one of the servos, and the receiver. I may add an Infinity Kevlar belt for the tail rotor if the stock one fails.

So, this is the first draft of the CopterX project list!

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