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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Wow! I finally got my UFLYs to fly, having had it for over 2 months without managing to do so. I solved the tail shaft power takeoff pinion problem, learned that mine won't fly with the 3X gyro on, (goes all rogue), and that the servo NOR/REV are wrong on the WALKERA chart (All mine need to be in NORMAL position). I don't know why I didn't notice in all my previous preflights...

Replaced the blades that came in less than 3 days from WOWHobbies (Yay, WOWHobbies!), tweaked a few things, and got her up and hovering (too little room in my backyard to do much else). Not once, but several times...

It does have a curious vibration. Not present at low headspeeds, but as headspeed comes up it gets pretty violent and does a funky chicken dance, a few more RPM and it disappears, a few more and I'm flying smooth as butter. Its clearly some kind of resonance, a fine wobble that manifests itself at a certain frequency... Can't find it, and since its not affecting flight, not going to chase it.

Lost a pin that secures the tail blade ball link to the slider, replaced it with a snug fitting end of a large thumbtack... McGyver rulz.

Flew CB100 #1 for a couple packs today, tuned it up, trimmed nicely, runs sweet!

All in all a great day! Happy dance!

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