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Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm such a moron... Shorted LiPo

Did you know that when you cut a bad JST balance plug off a battery you should cut the wires individually, 'cause when you cut them all at once it shorts the battery in your hand, which smokes and burns your hand for just a moment, and your wife thinks you've lost it when you come briskly down the stairs and toss the Lipo Safe Bag with the shorted battery onto the back lawn (not the front, 'cause that's where the kids and neighbors are, who already wonder about you)?

I didn't want to risk a Lipo fire in the house... (like the one in this video):

I don't recall if a shorted battery can catch fire, but me fool once, not fool twice!

I'm such a moron... I KNOW BETTER, but brain farted.

Thankfully it was only a $5 2S from FMT (no name brand from China) that I think was already shorted. They clearly had tested the battery's voltage before sending it, but the guy who did it broke off a male plug in one of the sockets, so I couldn't plug it in to my charger. I realized I needed to change out the balance plug, and that's when, well you know the rest of the story.

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