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Monday, December 13, 2010

EXI 450 Project: Tail Servo Fit Problem Solved

As discussed on a previous post, I had a problem with my HSG 5084MG 22gm servo being too small for the tail servo tray. I ordered the Align 18gm carbon fiber servo adapter kit. I had to Dremel out the sides a bit to fit the 22 gm servo, but lengthwise it was fine.

The two screw holes in the plate did not line up with anything on the adapter. I used the plastic "nut" tab seen in the background, which came with the kit, on either end and they stabilized the servo quite well.

To be safe, I Dremel'd out the adapter to allow one screw at opposite sides on each end to prevent the servo from twisting in the tray.  You can see the small silver screws  in opposite corners. I ran out of metal washers, so made a Home Depot run. The only washers I could find that would work actually turned out to be perfect: I found #2 black fiber washers which can be seen in the pics.

All in all, it came out just right.  You can see the "nut" tabs holding the screws under the tray at either end of the servo.

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