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Sunday, December 26, 2010

CX 250 Project: Electrics in

The electrics are in the CopterX 250, and its nearly done! It went much easier after learning so much on the 450 build, especially the swash and CCPM setups. Its a nice clean install, and it looks great.

I have a problem with the Raidentech Exceed RC 30A brushless ESC. I'm not sure its programmable... I can't find this ESC anywhere on the web except on the website, and I bought it assuming it was programmable. There is actually no information on the website...

Looking at this today I wouldn't have purchased it. I've written their support/sales people telling them I can't program it with my programming card, or with the transmitter.  I figured out its working as it sends power and signal to the servos and motor. Later it occurred to me that I am not sure its even programmable, and I don't now the implications. I've gone ahead and ordered a $14 Hobbywing 30A ESC from Hobbypartz that I know is programmable. I'm asking on about the programmability and if its not if that's a problem...

I had planned on using the GY48V gyro on the 250, but in its case its ginormous. I want to keep it in its case, so I traded the GY292 on the EXI450 out for the GY48V this morning. Everything checked out on the 450, looks good.

All I am waiting for now is the link set so I can replace the fixed length links from the washout see-saw to the grips, and to see if I need to change out the ESC.  I am also waiting on the new batteries (3S 1000mAh) that the heli can carry, and some more EC3 connectors.  I am going to start work on the canopy art. 

Next I will start preflight on the E-Razor 450. Should have all my helis flying by the end of the week. Weather has sucked these past few days, not getting any flying in...

UPDATE: Found the same ESC only in one place, on xheli. My posting on Helifreak learned me a couple of things. Seems Raidentech is Xheli, Exceed is Walkera... and the ESC is a replacement Walkera part which is probably NOT programmable. Doesn't say any of that on the Raidentech website, thought I was buying a decent 30A ESC. Guess I wasted $27... waiting for the $14 Hobbywing ESC to arrive. Wonder who they are under the rebadging... geez. I've written Raidentech via email and RCDiscuss, wonder if they will refund my money given I have changed the connectors.

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