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Friday, December 3, 2010

EXI 450 Project Day #1

My EXI 450 CF Pro arrived this afternoon! The MKS GY-292 gyro (tiny) and the Alpha 400 motor (ginormous) also arrived, all from xheli.

In this pic is the EXI 450 body, and in the background on my notebook is the manual for the Align 450 Pro which I will be using, along with Bob "Finless" White's Trex 450 build videos on Helifreak.

I put the skids on and Locktited the screws, checked all the screws in metal for Locktite (all were on the frame). I sanded down all the edges on the CF frame, very sharp before doing so. I then removed the main gear (not Locktited because it would be removed for the build to work on the rotor head), and then pulled the main shaft and rotor head. I'll be taking the rotor head apart and checking all the bearings for grease, the screws for Loctite, and the ball links for freedom. I think that will all tonight. I want to read through the plans (on my iPad, too hard on the notebook) and review the first couple of vids tonight.

I also will be finishing up the shelf and hanger system I decided to put up next to my bench, which is already too crowded, to move my helis away from the bench itself to create more space. When its done I'll post a pick.

Excited to get started!

UPDATE:  Yay, our first problem... My Hitec HSG-5084MG tail servo is too small for the stock aluminum tail servo tray. I am trying to find an adapter. If not, I could try to adapt it to a boom mount, but I think I would rather try to find a tail servo that fits...

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