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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

UFLYS Flew... sorta

This morning before I had to run out to the dentist, I took the finally tuned UFLYS out for a spin. And then brought it right back in when I broke a rotor blade on the first spin up.  I hate this heli, sorta.  I had been writing to some others on Helifreak with similar problems, so after breaking the blade when it went rogue, I turned off the 3X gyro and left in in heading hold. Voila! Hovered like a skittish cat (a small breeze and a binding tail servo).  I have solved the tail shaft power takeoff pinion issue with my last replacement of the tail shaft. Its renewed my faith in torque tubes since repairing it. The headspeeds on the tail rotor are really good, making me realize how poor they were. but on this inaugural flight, i still had issues with the tail. I knew that the tail servo was stalling at full forward (full left rudder I think), so the heli spun as the gyro and I could not get it into the proper pitch. I swapped that servo out for the aileron servo, and now both are quite happy and I have full tail authority. Thus, the last hover which went really well in HH mode, though brief as I had to beat feet to the dental hygienist's chair.

Next breeze lull, perhaps in the morning, I will hit the field and fly both my Walkeras for the first time together.

My Spektrum Dx6i came in today, along with the servos for the 450 build. It scares me... it has so many functions and programming issues to learn! It looks easy, but the manual is a tome. Excited to hold it, and to start reading the manual.  Xheli is took their sweet time shipping out my EXI kit, what with Turkey day and all. it won't get here before I leave for a week up in Meridian. I am hoping my new toolbox arrives so I can take my Walkeras up with me. Otherwise there's just too much stuff to lug around.  Getting exicited for the build! Need to bone up again and again on Finless' build videos on I can almost quote them chapter and verse. I sleep thinking about helis, I wake thinking about helis. Already have plans in the works for a 250, a 600 and a 700 build!

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