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Thursday, December 2, 2010

UFLYS sorted out? CB180D loves life!

Early this morning I took the UFLYS and CB180D out for a spin. I started with the UFLYS, and promptly broke one of the break-resistant Airy Blades. Snapped off just like the cheap plastic ones I ordered this afternoon to replace them. In a post mortem of this very brief flight I noticed that the servo "dips" were all in normal position, when aileron and elevate were supposed to be reversed. Well, hells bells... No wonder it "had a mind of its own" (hate it when things do what we tell them to do instead of what we want). If I had preflighted properly I might have noticed. I've reset them, and will renew the habit of checking before flight. This is why I use the Walkera radio that came with each heli as all of the servo settings differ for each one. I hope the problem is solved, but it will have to wait for new blades and for me to get back from a week in Meridian.

The CB180D flew wonderfully! The battery was waning, I knew it, but I was in fixed pitch nirvana, and took it around for another loop. It turned, and despite control inputs continued to roll right into the ground. The battery was down to 3.2v... My bad. Snapped a blade right off. Fortunately I have a bijillion of those. Tomorrow, flying the CB180D!

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