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Monday, December 27, 2010

CopterX CX 250SE Project: Final Pics

All that's left is to put the grip links on, set the pitch, and take her for a test flight! Expect the links this week. Excited isn't the word for it!

I repositioned the GY292 today into an upright position this morning. I rechecked the gyro and had to reverse the gyro/rudder servo, but it moved perfectly.

I did a different graphics scheme as I haven't figured out a way to inkjet print a white logo, and I would have wanted to use white on this canopy. I have a Tacon canopy, but I am keeping it in reserve. Lets see how much damage I do before I put a good canopy on this heli!

I like it though. Not a bad solution.

Now to tune up and receiver up the ARF Dynam E-Razor 450!

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