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Sunday, December 5, 2010

EXI 450 Project Update

Last night I took apart the rotor head to check for grease and Locktite, very scary. The exploded diagrams in the Trex 450 manual were very helpful. I was so worried I would screw it up, but it went okay! Got white lithium grease all over everything... Kinda pathetic, really, like a Kindergartner with finger paint. One of the screws securing the feathering shaft was Locktited so well it was never going to come off. I finished much less afraid of the rotor head. Today I did the same for the tail rotor, less scary, quicker to finish.

At a downtime because I need the AR6200 receiver and the batteries to set up the servos before I can mount them, Finless Bob style. So I was checking out my Exceed Alpha 400 motor, when to my chagrin I found that both the mounting screws that came with the motor and the ones that came with my kit (they are the same screws) are too small for the motor on the pinion side that I will use (they were too large for the other end). What's up with that? The screws don't fit either end of the motor, most concernedly the pinion end I need to use.

I wrote to support at xheli, and Andy (yadac123) on rcdiscuss to see if they can send me what I think are supposed to be M3 screws. Am I missing something?

Too windy to fly today... Postman missed me with a package I have to sign for... Wonder what that could be?

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