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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flybar failure...

Up in Meridian, flew the CB100 in the large apartment. I brought up the one with seizures, and it started out fritzy. I worked the reciever, plugs and the ESC, and its flying good again. I hope it behaves.

The CB180 lifted off, hovered a bit twitchy, i took it out, started a turn, and it kpet turning, flying quickly to the ground. Broke a blade, snapped off a skid. On post mortem I saw something that made me wonder if I will ever learn to properly and completely preflight... The bearings on the flybar were sheared off. Did this exist before the crash, or after? If before it wld make sense. If it would fly at all, it would do fair in hover, and if the disk was tilted for a turn, it would become unbalanced. Did that cause a crash? Or did it result from the crash? I went outside to see if I could find the bearings, nothing there... not sure what that means.

Ordered parts, no more CB180D until I get back to Biloxi. I wonder if I can find less brittle skids, this is the second set...

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