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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Walkera CB180D Flies 3 packs!

I got the CB180D up and its flying great! I enjoy this little heli, its been a good boy since I got him a couple of months ago.   I took it out for a spin on yesterday and enjoyed hovering tail in and out in the small space of my backyard. A couple circuits and that's about all there is room for.

 Today I put the nav lights on. Bummer that the red strobe was not functioning, but all the others are and it looks great!  Some pics and a video from yesterday's hop!

Battery in...


Downwind leg.

Focus...must...stay... away...from...umbrella...

Oh, yeah, lovin' it!

Close up in hover.

Thanks Aidan for taking the pics and the brief test hop video below!

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