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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wind... Every frickin' day...

When it's beautifully clear outside its blustery. Can't catch a break, and looks like we won't for over a week to come.

Waiting for the replacement stickers, the spinner (both one I ordered not expecting General Hobby to send it since they didn't respond to my last email, and the one I ordered), for the Sbach, and the 4S batteries and new ESC for the Pulse. I really wanted to find an Ultimate spinner for the Sbach. The Tru-Turn one is $35 and looks to require a special adapter, which won't fit on my motor.

Kenny offered I should try to find nylon or plastic wing bolts to break away in a crash. It is impossible to find them! I don't understand that. I did find some in the UK but it costs twice as much to ship them as to buy them.

I have been thinking about the eCalc numbers versus what I found when I watt tested the system. My results came very close with 6S. I wonder that 8s would really increase the power flow that much?

Idling away, meanwhile...


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