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Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Good Day!

Nice weather conditions lead to gentle morning winds. overcast, mostly cloudy with spotty sunshine breaking through. Got three flights in on the Sbach, all fun and lacking in troubling excitement. I flew very basically, a few simple stall turns, Cubans and inverted. she flies sweet in all orientations. Concious of my poor orientation feelings last time I was extra attentive today. One hard landing as I get used to her floating in ground effect. I really want to get awa from spoilers. She doesn't peel off speed well, though you can hear wind whistling through the free turning 17" prop as she comes in off power over the threshold.

Decent flight times. Got easy 6 min from both the 4000 and 3300 mAh batteries, not seeing a reason to go bigger and wonder if just flying 3300's is the way to go? Lighter battery, adequate flight time.

Met Kelly who came over with his son from the soccer fields. They had seen the Sbach and had some free time so dropped by and got a nice welcome from me and John, who himself is a frequent visitor from Florida. John was flying his Revolver (why didn't I think to get a pic?). I had Aidan's 450, but he hasn't flown it yet and I wasn't going to fly it without him. He slept in today.

A couple of days ago I filed for Aidan's AMA license, and now he can fly without anyone getting their tighties in a wad. He's been flying under my filed student endorsement as I am an Intro pilot, but this way none of the crannies will give us any grief. I really wanted to see his 450 fly and get him on the sticks!

On the way home I stopped by the Orange Grove Hobby Shop and picked up some 2-1/4" tires from Jason for Aidan's 450. The bigger tires make for better ground handling in the grass than the stock ones, which I think are a bit more than an inch.

My replacement Pulse arrives today! Will surely get started on putting her together, shouldn't take long at all.

Time to break out the helis! Looking to fly again tomorrow!


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