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Monday, April 21, 2014

Pulse Exercises

Finally got a few flights in today. I went out when it was not too windy, but as it does here the winds started to increase as the morning passed. I had driven the 26 miles to the field, I was going to fly dammit.


It wasn't too bad, actually. Calm with brisk breezes, 5-8 mph, shifting from the west but generally southerly allowing for decent approaches. The overcast was a bit much and I lost orientation a couple of times, so put on my ambers which improved things immensely. The new batteries produced clean steady power. I worked both spoiler end and non-spoilered landings, and had to throw in a few slips on occasion. Lots of fun and got my fingers back as well as my mental state: flying instinctively rather than thinking about stick moves. The video is long, series of touch and go's. Feel free to skim. I used the Looxcie, so the quality isn't great and for some reason the sound went in and out.






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