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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Damn cat... Good thing she's cute. The other day a cat chewed my wood prop, and last night a nylon one I replaced it with. This morning my wife was brushing her teeth when she heard crunching! Caught Neko, my 3yo Siberian, munching on the left horizontal stab! we suspect she did the props. I did a quick repair this am, not my bet work, but then I suck at cote work...


Cat chewed the corner. I have cut out the flattened most chewed part and removed the damaged cote, didn't think to take a pic first. You can see teeth marks...


Another look. Still peeling the cote.


I didn't have any balsa, as most of my RC stuff is in storage. I McGyvered some cork. Super glued it to the corner.


Sanding it down.


Smoothed out.


Done, re-coted. Not my best work. The same mismatched yellow as on the other side, so now they are balanced.

Kenny and I planned to fly today, but the field is really wet and he's buried in have-to's. I may go this afternoon, but we are certainly flying tomorrow! I expect the Sbach 60" to arrive any day now. The servos came yesterday, so I now have everything I need but the airframe! I hope to have it all together and ready to maiden by this weekend. I hope to have my flying thumbs back in shape by then.


Now, to hang the damn plane away from the cats!


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