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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Skyline/Goldwing Sbach 60" Power Test

This morning I watt tested the electrical power system. I used a 6S 40c 4000mAh battery partially charged to 3.9V, the prop was an APC 17x7 electric.

At max throttle it spiked to 53A when I punched it but ran sustained 46A and produced 1046 watts. I suspect it will run fine on 8S, I have a lot of amp buffer on the 80A ESC. She produced a lot of thrust: I did this in an empty room adjacent to the master bathroom aligned with the bathroom door, where my wife was in the shower, and she said she felt the airflow into the shower stall. The shower rug was blown over. I was about 8-10 feet from both of them.

Right now all of my 4S batteries are damaged, so I am waiting for new ones. When they arrive. I will try two of them in series for 8S 6600 mAh with the wattmeter and see what she does. I am very curious where her CG will lie before adjusting, there is so much mass up front. I don't know if she will fly heavy sluggish with the weight of 6600 mAh. She will maiden on 6S 3300 mAh or 4000mAh. I can also series two 3S batteries for 6600 mAh. I may also move up to a 17x8 prop.

Took the opportunity to set up and program the servos. I won't decide on spoilerons or flaperons until I see how she handles in ground effect and on approach.

Couple of other minor annoyances. Noted the spinner was missing from the kit. I suppose there should be one since it's in the photos on the website. I asked General Hobby to send one but in the meantime ordered another Dubro one. I would like a pointy electric Ultimate spinner, but they are hard to find. Second issue was the plastic finger screw that secures the right wing doesn't fit it's nut snugly so it continues to spin when screwing it in... Will make a Home Depot run this morning to find what I think at M5 screws to replace bothe sides.


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