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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Skyline/Goldwing Sbach 60" Build Day #1

Today the Skyline/Goldwing Sbach 342 60" kit arrived via USPS this afternoon. It took abut a week to get here from General Hobby in California. The instructions came on a mini-CD, a 12 page PDF. Not particilarly useful but some nice drawings to guide me on those parts unique to the plane. In general anyone with build experience can have this built in about 6 hours or so. Today I just did the wings and the landing gear.

The box was in fair shape with one bad puncture, but nothing damaged inside!


Top off un-boxing!


Everybody out!


Aileron hinged, servo installed, servo arm and control arm fitted. The control horns are sturdy fiberglass. I used Super Glue instead of epoxy. Hitec digital HS-5485hs all around. I actually centered the servo on the receiver, not just the servo tester, pirate flag installed, all set to go!


The aileron control rods are steel and were about 1 cm too long. I Dremeled off about 5 mm from each threaded end. The ball links need to be 108mm apart by my measure and were well over 120mm before modification. Fit perfectly after the fix with good thread engagement. I wish the rods were carbon fiber...


Top side of the right wing. Applied the decal and the mini pirate flag. My Brother computer printer label maker is in storage so my blog URL sticker on the aileron will have to wait...


Left wing same as the right wing...
Cats optional.


Annoyance. The letters "Sbach" are supposed to be black... This sticker is supposed to go on the white field of the left wing. It's also a bit smaller than it's supposed to be, and, well, white. I wrote General Hobby to see if they can send me the right one, but I suspect not. Trying to get one from China will not work either. I may have to McGyver something if I can't find the right one online. UPDATE: I emailed General Hobby last night and this morning they responded they are sending me the correct sheet. I realized this isn't really their problem and really appreciate their stepping up!


I made another modification here. The instructions called for the wheel to be held in place by an opposing relatively flat nut and a nylon lock nut, and a second lock nut holding the axle to the landing gear strut.. This did not allow for enough space between the wheel and the wheel pant in dry fit; the wheel rubbed the pant. I could have Dremeled down the pant, but I didn't want to weaken it at all, so I replaced the flatter nut with another M4 nylon lock nut I had, and the two lock nuts created a perfect fit with nice clearance for the wheel from the pant.



The wheel pant installed. Easy peasy.


It was late and I am in no rush, so I stopped for the night. I put all the plane parts back in the box to keep the cats from chewing on them. I finally hung the other plane and my helis up to keep them at bay.


Tomorrow I have to wait for the cable guy, so will take the time to do the tail assembly, including the rudder and elevator servos, and if I get time will start on the motor and electrical harness installation, install the landing gear, tighten up the cote and test everything. I could be done tomorrow!


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  1. would like to see more of this plane. thank you from dan v