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Friday, April 25, 2014

That's a Bummer...

So... According to specs the flight weight of my Sbach 70 tops at 5.5 lbs. With a 6S 4000 mAh 40C battery it weighs in at 7 lbs. I don't know what universe it would weigh in at 5.5 lbs.

And... I ran another time run on that battery and I got 5.5 min at 3/4 throttle down to 3.5V per cell. That's pathetic. I think I got 6-7 minutes with the 2650 mAh 25C ones. I don't think I can fit a 5000 mAh battery in there, let alone the extra weight.


UPDATE: I made up a mockup of the smallest 6S 5000 mAh battery I could find, the Turnigy from HobbyKing, 150x49x52. It won't fit through the frame to be properly positioned to maintain CG. It can enter the fuse from the next frame back, but on moving it forward it runs into the wing tube.


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