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Monday, April 21, 2014

Sbach Power Tested

A few weeks ago I did the eCalc projections for various setups. Today I power tested changing only the prop to a 17x8e APC which is what I will fly her with to start.


Here at full throttle we peaked at 1635 watts and were running at just a spit below 1400 watts on 6S. Motor was cool, battery warm (a 30-40C battery). She drew max 65 amps. The 3300 mAh battery drained in about 5 minutes. I have 4000 mAh batteries that I believe will fit, so I will need to time trial them at just above half throttle, but the 4 minutes sucks. It will be easy to series in two 3S batteries for 6600 mAh, so I will also give that a try. I put 8 S on there and by half throttle was pushing 2000 watts, so stopped that test. It was also heading right where eCalc said it would. The motor is rated for 1700 watts. This plane has pleeeennty of power 6S. Just needs some legs, so I suspect I will be using a lot of 3S in series. I may someday try a 16x10...

Checked the CG and its right at about the directed 106 mm from the leading edge a couple of centimeters from the wing root. If anything it's nose heavy, so it's good to go. I also set the expo at 25, 50 and 75. I have been flying most of my planes straight 25% (sorry Kenny, I misread it when I told you I was already flying 25, 50, 75).

With that she is officially ready to maiden!

UPDATE (4/25/14): Oops... Series vs parallel error explained here.


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