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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pulse 25XTe Gets a New ESC

Yesterday the new ESC came in for the Pulse. I was using a bargain 60A ESC with a linear BEC, which was fine, but now that I appreciate the finer things I upgraded to a HobbyWing FunFly 60A ESC with a SBEC. I removed some of the shrink wrap from the ESC to expose the cover to the motherboard to improve cooling. I wasn't sure if it was the fin side or the MB side, so just cut away the non-label side. Either way it works. I had decided to move the ESC to the top rack directly in the airflow, with good flow around the battery. It enters the batter compartment a bit, but now there is room for the battery to move aft, which is nice as I need a little more aft CG. The ESC is held in place with the omni-use Duo Lock Velcro I so love. I tried the old batteries, and they all just crapped out. They are old and heavily cycled, so they needed to be replaced, but damn, at $25-50 a pop it hurts to recycle 5 of them. I remove the leads to recycle the wires and connectors, and for safety, covering the dead ends with liberal electrical tape.

Another stormy day here on the Gulf Coast... No fly for me. Expecting the spinner for the Sbach any day now. Will install, check CG and set the throttle limits, which I forgot to to (remembered it while programming the Pulses ESC).


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