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Friday, April 11, 2014


All of my 4S batteries are toast... recharged and retested them. The wattmeter showed nice numbers until the battery ran beyond a few secs then wild fluctuations in voltage and amps out as the motor waxed and waned. None of them are behaving properly. Threw a 3S on there and it worked fine. I am pretty sure it's not the ESC, But not throwing away the batteries until the new ones test running well. Gnashing of teeth as I ordered new 4S 3300mAh 25-50C Turnigy Nono-tech batteries. Few options...

Guess I need to get the Sbach up and running and maiden her without finishing up getting my flying fingers back fully. thankfully those batteries are fine.


UPDATE: screw it... I don't like the cheap ESC in there now, ordered a HobbyWing FunFly 60A with SBEC.

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