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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pulse XT25e #4 Flight Ready!

I finished the replacement Pulse this afternoon, completing the motor and electrical system installation, the receiver, installed the canopy, and the wing. I programmed the transmitter and voila, done!

Earlier I power tested the HeadsUpRC Power 32 (rated for 800 watts) with the HobbyWing FunFly 60A ESC using a 4S 3300 mAh battery and an APC 12x8e. The peak wattage was 820, running nominally on full throttle at 740 watts. She drew around 45A Sweet spot. I had tried a 12x6 Xoar, and it RN fine, pretty close to the same numbers, but a bit less power and thrust. I left her with the 12x8.


On inspecting the motor, I found that one of the power couplings was not connected. I wonder if this contributed to the crash... I had applied power and got at best a mushy response. I decided to resolder all three. I also lubed the bearing.


Resoldered and shrink wrapped.


Motor in place. I decided to put in one thin washer to give a smidge of right offset.





Welcome to Pulse XT25e Number 4!

Looking forward to maiden flight sometime this week, when the weather settles in!


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