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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Skyline Sbach 60" Electrical System


I soldered and made the electrical connections on the Sbach's harness today, and programmed the ESC. One of the reasons I chose the HobbyWing FunFly ESC is that I have HobbyWing programming cards. I hate and never have programmed an ESC via a transmitter. The card is so frickin' easy and they are cheap. I just wish there was more homogeneity in programming so a universal card could be used for all ESCs.This motor is the biggest one I have ever used (as is the battery)!



This is the entire harness, albeit without the servos. I bound the reciever and tested the motor figuring t which motor wire went to which ESC wire for the proper motor rotation.

Everything took about an hour! Now I just wait for my aircraft kit to arrive, and the servos. Yay!


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