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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Re-wiring the Sopwith

I have yet to successfully fly my beloved Hangar 9 Sopwith... my second attempted takeoff ended in a broken plane. I rebuilt the wing last week, and today rewired the wing guide wires, and installed the new HURC 5065-04 motor, a 60 sized motor I should have started with. I am still waiting for the Hobbywing Platinum 100A ESC from Hobbypartz.( I ordered it almost 3 weeks ago, and it took 10 days before they shipped it, and yet it still hasn't arrived. I have stopped buying from Hobbypartz if I can avoid it as they never ship in 1-2 days and nothing takes less than 10 days to get from California to Mississippi). Its the last piece I need to fly!

The guide wires snap on this plane with any torque, even if they are loose. I saw someone who used light springs to allow for some give. I secured the springs with a piece of dental floss so if it comes unhooked it isn't lost. Worked great!

I shortened every line. Since some were snapped from the crash I was going to have to replace the wires anyway. Here's one of the small springs in place. I bought a pack of 10 Kleinschmidt Extension Helical Springs on eBay from mjs-depot (great price, quick shipping, gonna order some more).

Passed the floss through the spring and through the eyelet connected to the stanchion. Left slack to allow the spring to extend. The hemostat keeps the floss from slipping out while I manipulate it.

Tied a loose knot.

Clipped the bitter ends and voila!

All 8 are sprung.

And they look great!

The new motor awaits its ESC.

It will go on the left (airplane's right) in this motor box.

More to follow!

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