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Monday, January 16, 2012

HDX500se Hovered, 450 up!

Well, here's a first I am sure. I have two CCPM helis flight read at the same time!

I soldered the pitch servo wires to a new connector, shrinkwrapped them individually, then as a bundle. Worked fine.

Took her out to the driveway for her first ever flight hover (in my hands... bought her used). Despite a brisk wind she hovered very stably. I guess what they say about larger helis being more stable is true. I knew this about 250 to 450, but even to the much larger 500; nice to see it in action. Looking forward to fully hovering her at BMF soon!

I spent my afternoon on the 500, and then rebuilding the Erazor 450 after yesterday's debacle. The main shaft was not bent at all! The feathering shaft of course was, and I had a bent blade. The antirotation pin broke in the swash. I didn't feel like fighting with it, so changed it out from a scavenged one I had hanging around, the entire swash plate that is. Trued up the CCPM from swash to blade holders, set up for -12 to +12 degrees, and she's flight ready!

I need to spend some more time, lots more time, on my Phoenix sim. I need to get over this psychological obstacle that is keeping me from advancing. I also need to work on recognizing she is getting to far away, keeping her closer. I plan to be flying scale by this time next year, and some 3D within a year after that! We'll see! 

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