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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HobbyPartz Adventures!

On 12/19/11 I ordered a Hobbywing Platinum 100A V1 Brushless ESC from They didn't ship in in their promised 1-2 days so it ran inot the holidays before I was able to get them to ship it after contacting customer support. It arrived, or I should day, the package arrived today, 1/4/12. The mailer shipping label shows it to be a Platinum 100A ESC, but its a Platinum 70A HV Opto (I need the BEC). And the packer even initialed it... Okay, no problem, really, it happens, but its annoying when it's their business and I have had to work with their CS more than any other shop's.

It took 15 tries to get in the CS queue, after several busy, and several disconnects after 20 or so rings. I've been waiting going on 25 minutes on hold for CS, and I'm still waiting. I am going to ask them to ship the right one now, rather than waiting for this one to get back to them. I'll cough up the $5 for Priority Shipping to get this one back, but honestly, I wish the right one could have come as its the only thing keeping me from flying the  Sopwith.

I post this because I have found that even well before the holidays shipping from Hobbypartz takes about a week to leave the warehouse in LA, and another week to get to my house in Mississippi. I usually plan on 2 weeks at least for parts to get from them, which would be okay if they didn't promise 1-2 days to ship... Now going on 30 minutes on hold... I'll update this later and let you know how it goes. UPDATE: After 40 minutes I gave up, and decided to send a post on RCDiscuss, which will take a couple of days and a few exchanges to solve...

UPDATE (12/5/12): Got an RMA number from Eric at Hobbypartz,, and t pay for the shipping.He didn't say if they would ship the correct part. Replied asking him if they were planning on it. I'll be shipping the wrong part out tomorrow Priority mail.

UPDATE UPDATE(12/5/12): Yup! I send him the tracking number and he'll send the part right away. Excellent!

UPDATE (12/6/12): Mailed mine out today, and sent the del conf number to Eric at Hobbypartz. He quickly sent me the shipping number of the part he's shipping.

UPDATE (12/7/12): Curious. The correct part arrived today, with the Delivery Confirmation number Eric gave me yesterday. It had to have been shipped earlier. Hmm... if another one arrives, I'll return it.

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