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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Right Stuff

My Hobbypartz Adventure has, more or less, finished, and finished satisfactorily. The right part is now in the right place for my Hangar 9 Sopwith. Its adventures continue!  I installed the motor last week, and today the Hobbywing Platinum 100A ESC arrived, and I installed it after soldering the connectors, and bench ran it with the prop using two 3S 3300 batteries in series (6S). She ran smoothly and with power. Here's a pic of the installation.  You can see the ESC to the left (a/c right).

I installed the cowl (no rubbing from the motor), and later painted the prop washer and nut with Rustoleum Hammered Copper paint, which I will let dry overnight. I will install that tomorrow. I will check the CG with the 6S setup, hoping to be a bit nose heavy. And with that, she will be flight ready again! I also spent the morning rebuilding and resetting up the CPM on my Erazor 450, and have started on my HDX 500 rebuild (it had issues when I bought it months ago, and I have never gotten around to setting them to rights).

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