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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PulseXT Resurrection

Damn I'm good...took me only 2, not 3 days!

For some reason I was loathe to start the build on my replacement Eflite PulseXT 25e, which I purchased after my radio browned out and she died a miserable ignoble death. (I have sinced replaced the NiCd battery, which thereafter wouldn't hold a charge more than a few minutes, with a LiPo. The difference in how my radio functions is clear). I think my tail was dragging on this as I have already done this, and I didn't want to do it again. I think Horizon Hobby knew this, since some nice things about this ARF made this less unpleasant. The wheel assembly was done. All I had to do was grind off the long axles (long in case you planned to use floats), put the pants on, and attach them. The wings had all their hinges done, the tail gear was in place and the horizontal and vertical stabs simply bolted on. The control horns were all attached. Simply put the servos and electronics in, the control rods and the motor, attach the wings and voila, resurrected. Its like she never died!

I don't remember putting the small spacers behind my HURC PowerUp 32 motor last time, but I did this time. (Actually, just found them in my crash box. Apparenly I did use them). It fits in the cowl perfectly. In the first build I had already dealt with the motor mount so was saved having to grind it again.

Much easier this time...

In Memorium...

I fixed the original wing, and hung it on the wall above the door to the workshop.

Get your pants on...

Epoxy the major joints with 30 min epoxy. I decided not to put Gorilla glue in the landing gear box like last time. I really don't think its needed.

Gear and tail feathers on.

Servos, control rods, and receiver in place. Motor on deck.

Made some extensions for the motor wires out of salvaged battery wire and plugs from those red battery clips no one except Notroplanes/Hobbyparts uses. This allowed me to move the ESC to the back of the compartment, out of the battery box.

As seen here, above (under) the receiver. There is very good airflow through here, better now that the back of the battery compartment isn't chock-a-block with equipment.

Now the battery box is clean. The ESC lead is easily accessed, and the opening to the equipment compartment below unfettered for good airflow.

Canopy on.

Wing joined. Like last time I heeded others advice and DID NOT join the wing on the fuse, but separately. The clips and popsicle sticks ensure good alignement. Used 30 min epoxy. My wing never budged last time.

Clean underside joint. I did put a piece of cote over this however.

And there she is, all beautiful. Like she never left...

Put a 2 on her in tribute to the first one, who taught me a lot about flying and never failed me...

Back in her spot, like she never died...

Looking forward to maidening her soon! The skies are clear and beautiful, but the winds horrible. It will be some time before I can. Tonight I think I may start on the Sbach project. By the way, I found out those black square pieces of wood that I couldn't idnetify from the first build are for the float sytem if you install it...

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