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Monday, December 19, 2011


The good news is that my Hangar 9 Sopwtihfits in my new car. I traded in my Lexus IS 350 for a more economical, and while smaller, roomier Lexus CT200h. Now I don't need to borrow  my wife's crossover anytime I want to fly more than one plane, and driving to the field doesn't cost me $10 in gas. I actually like this car better than my IS, and I loved my IS.
Its a tight fit, but it works! I was able to get my Eflite Pulse XT25e, my Electrifly Cosmic Wind, my two PDYSysytems carriers, my battery charger box, and my radio box all in there. Very nice!

The bad news is she still flies like a pig... She took off from the middle of the field and this time rolled left despite full right aileron and then right rudder, and back into the ground. She bent her motor mount, broke her prop, cracked the cowl, knocked a piece of the mock motor out, and broke her wing. When the wing twisted, the wires snapped, again. Looks like I lost a turnbuckle to boot. Vinsen was there and he echoed my concerns since the first flight, that the motor is not powerful enough. She has a 14x8 prop, lifts off, but doesn't seem capable of controlled flight, just waffles. I ordered a true 60 size motor from Heads Up RC. The plane is stock recommended for an Elite 46, which my installed HURC 4260-06 motor is a replacement for. Many builders have done fine with the Elite 46, but most are recommending steppjng up. Since her power has been bothering me, I opted to buy aHURC 5065-04 motor, which is equivalent to a true 60 size motor. I also purchased a Hobbywing C-Platinum 100A ESC, to upgrade from the installed 70A ESC. I wonder if I should step up from the 14x8 prop? This motor has a lower KV, but I am also going to ramp up to 6S from the 4S I had tried. My fear is she will just crash harder...

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