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Friday, January 20, 2012


Took the PulseXT #2 up today for her maiden flight! She flew perfectly, just like her sister. The better access to the battery tray was a nice treat, glad I moved the ESC to the back of the compartment and made the extensions. On the last flight I got lulled into a zen comfort zone, and on landing was late to recognize she was drifting down on me in the strong cross wind. When I did she was angling for one of the flight station barriers. I was shocked and frozen, thinking I was going to lose her again!!! She missed the barrier as I tried to decide to climb out or let her land, when she landed, heading for a setup station and the fence. I pulled a Devon (quick turn), so hard it stripped the rudder servo, and she slid in like a car in a commercial into a parking spot right under the bench, striking her left wing only lightly before spinning around it. She ended up under the bench with a small dent in the left wing and wrinkled her cote (can't see either now that I heat gunned the cote), with no structural damage except the servo (which I have also replaced with my standby. Waiting for gears and will repair it as a standby). I had panicked when I realized what was happening, but the turn saved her from further damage. That was it for the day, I had used up all my luck!

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