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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flight of the Helis

Very windy day at BMF today, a lot of people there, not too many flying. I flew the Alpha Sport with her new nose gear today, practicing some wicked crosswind takeoffs and landings, putting some pretty stern stress on that new nose gear. She flew awesome! At the end of my day I flew the Cosmic Wind, and she handled the wind pretty well!

I also brought the helis out to fly. I had a binding issue with the HDX500se, easily solved, but in doing so discovered a badly frayed pitch servo wire. I grounded her...  I was pretty excited to take her up as I had flown the Erazor 450 several times already (helis are great in the wind) and was ready to maiden my HDX 500.

Flying the Erazor 450 today after she fell out of the sky with her radio loss last time. No issues there today! On one of the flights did a brief hover to capture it on video!

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