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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kibbles and bits

The UPS man cameth, and he leaveth stuff!

The LiPo battery for my Spektrum DX8 arrived, fully charged! Its already in my transmitter. The NiCd was worn out. I think it got short charge memory, and something else was wrong with it (it was always warm). I have little doubt it caused the crash of my PulseXT.

Got tired of hand bending poor z-bends, so bought a Hobbico z-bend plier. Not sure how to use it, but I think I can figure it out.

Why's this upside down???? I flipped it, but there it is... The replacement nose gear for my Alpha 450 Sport Trainer. Its pretty big... but will solve some problems getting through the grass.

AND MY NEW REPLACEMENT PULSEXT 25e ARRIVED! I am not going to enjoy rebuilding it and the stress of the maiden, but she is one of the finest airplanes I own and I can't wait to be flying her again!

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